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Find Inspiration in Denim!

GinkgoLife offer you various pattern to sew your own Denim Bags and more items. Reuse and Recycle your old Jeans and make it last!

GinkgoLife is a genuine place to find inspiring sewing tutorials with the Jeans Bag in mind. I offer different sewing tips on how to solve small issues. Furthermore, this is a place to showcase various upcycling ideas and tips. Find inspiration to create your own new bag! Enjoy the journey on how you make your own bags. If beginners or already a skilled designer, Old Jeans have a special story to tell and make a unique design, once finish and ready to use.

The skills I learn on my way, as a kid at home from my Mother and Sister along the journey from just trying out, I will gather them piece by piece in several Mini-eBooklets.

What will be your next project?

Throuhout the Mini-eBooklets you will gain confidence in how to design and make your own bags. From simple Tote-Bags to more advance and decorated Cloths you will find the pattern that suits your level of sewing.

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Well used jeans, sign of love

“Denim is a Love that never fades.”

Eliot Fiorucci
The art is in the details of Denim Pockets

“Denim has always been an Everyday symbol for Style.”

Ritu Kumar


When it comes to our advice we’re proud to say we’re different. We offer something a little more special.