When we travel we want to keep all the good memories from our journey. A nice souvenir helps us to keep those memories alive. A special Cushions with a detailed drawing printed onto it and simple stencil letter stating the name: LYON. They fit into every design or style you may have at home.


“To move, to breathe, to fly, to float, to gain all while you give,
to roam the roads of lands remote, to travel is to live.”
― Hans Christian Andersen, The Fairy Tale of My Life: An Autobiography

Inspiration can be found everywhere, we just have to keep our eyes open and our mind too. Every journey is a big source for inspiration. It’s time to relax and let the mind free from the everyday routine. Time to explore life.

Discover new cities or travel to enjoy the scenery landscapes.


GinkgoLife is a unique label for simple things: Kids Clothes, Cushions, Reused Jeans and more in a pure Nordic Style made sustainable.

Sweet Cushions from Lyon!

Simple and pure design. Captured in dedicated drawings printed on soft cushions.  Four soft colors, Pure Black, Soft Beige, Vintage Withe and Cream Eco. Showing the two creative parts of the town; Croix Rousse and Vieux Lyon.

Simple and detailed drawing

Every little line show a new window or a door. House on house, so it seams, side by side attached to each other so the wont fall. ‘Les Traubules’ are small hidden passage giving access from one patio to the next.

This are absolutely the most adorable cushions made to remember some unforgettable memories made with friends during the time we spend in the city of Lyon.
The best souvenirs to get from Lyon
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Sweet Memories

Travel and Discover, going from City to City, from Country to Country. Every where I come I collect beautiful memories of the places I have seen.

Exploring and seeing different cultures inspire to be creative and to create. Quiet time is spend in the studio developing all this influence on paper and fabric turning each idea into an unique statement of something new.